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Matrix Detoxification

 Matrix Evaluation Test

- essential for successful treatment outcomes, wellbeing and future health.

The Matrix Evaluation Test can help you know how deeply your cells may be affected by toxin accumulation.  It helps to identify whether the effect of the toxins is located on the inside or on the outside (ECM - Extra Cellular Matrix) of your cells.  The Extra Cellular Matrix is the transit place for all nutritional and waste elimination to and from the cell.  It is the environment of the cell.  Each situation requires a different  detoxification approach to the other to achieve bioregulatory/balance of the cells.

How this can help you:

► Better resistance to disease

►Renewed strength to help overcome diseases and symptoms

►More complete tissue repair and regeneration

► More effective handling of Stress

►A high level of vitality

►Slowing down of the aging process


The Matrix Evaluation Test Involves:

A Questionnaire to determine how big an issue Dysbiosis is for you.

Dysbiosis - healthy gut function is the foundation for good health. e.g. a leaky gut may leach many toxins into the blood stream, making their way into the matrix and cells.  A healthy gut will help us to process and eject toxins from the body.


Tests for Matrix Evaluation

look at the acid base balance equation between the urine and saliva pH


These tests help determine whether you are acid forming or alkaline forming

Maintaining ideal pH is the essential ingredient to helping all Health Conditions and prevention of the Disease Process.

This determines whether you need a treatment plan to support any of the following:


Digestive Dysbiosis - to optimize digestion and elimination - a healthy gut will help to break the cycle of an unwell body.

Organ Optimisation - Organ Stress

Elimination Optimisation - Toxin Stress

Free Radical Cleanse - reducing production of free radicals

Krebs Cycle Efficiency - unblocking energy producing mechanisms

Regulation Balance - maintenance of a optimal pH by improving the electrolyte regulatuion


An appropriate gentle and effective treatment plan to address these states is implemented.


Please contact Fiona for further information or a full broucher on Matrix Detoxification

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